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What I Do

I am always looking for that perfect image to paint or draw, but very seldom find it. Thankfully, while searching, many times I find something that is too darn close to ignore. Creativity jumps in, and I feel the "rush" that one gets when running a race or skiing down a steep slope. You go all out and hope you don't falter.

A Continuing Process

The term "Swing Shift" is the second of three work shifts used in mid-century factories. And, in essence, my second career; a retired painter. I have been around art and graphics for most of my adult life and have enjoyed that rush that comes when the creativity and urgency meld together producing a successful event. While working on the air frame production line, creating drawings for the assemblers, or managing a group of highly skilled artists in a corporate environment, I always looked at the successful result as a validation to the inherent creativity of all those involved. It is also the same creative process that will allow me to clear the hurdles standing in the way of a successful painting. The trick is to know how to embrace the creativity that helps make it possible.

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